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About us

Our company “Electrolux – Tabakov and Sons” Ltd was founded in 2003 and is a direct successor of the company Nikola Tabakov Electrolux.

Our company deals with electrical project designs and assembly of electrical installations; building of transformer posts, installing of primary and secondary commutation, lighting, power, control and signal installations, rehabilitation of electrical equipment, start-up test, electrical automation. The company is officially certified to perform various electrical measurement and test.

Our staff comprises highly qualified specialists with great practical experience in design, execution, building, as well as rehabilitation and repair of electrical substations, transformer posts, switchgear, electrical switchboards, lighting, power, motor and signal installations, of LV, MV, and HV electrical facilities.

Our staff amounts to 146 people. Most of them (136 people) work as electrical repair specialist and fitters, the rest are accountants and clerical staff. Because of the great working experience of our workers and their high qualification and specialized education (12 people with University degree and 60 people with specialized secondary education) the execution of electrical projects is distinguished by the high quality of our work. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified, and possess an accreditation certificate as a control agency type “C” which is also a guarantee for the quality of our work.

Our company “Electrolux – Tabakov and Sons” Ltd disposes of large technical and machine inventory, as well as its own production sites, warehouses, and main office. Our headquarters (302 m2) is located in the center of Plovdiv, “Sedjanka” Str. 9. We are in the process of building a large warehouse and offices on 9dca area near Plovdiv. The main production site (1000 m2) is located in the industrial part of Plovdiv in the factory “Ustrem”.

We possess the following automobiles: Microbus “Renault Traffic” (8+1 seats), Auto crane V90 (jib length 16m), auto crane up to 16 tons, auto crane up to 25 tons, concrete mixer truck 5m3 , microbuses, heavy freight truck “Mercedes 508”, excavating platforms (jib lengths 11m, 14m, 18m, 28m), tractor, pick ups “Mitsubishi”, “Volkswagen”, “Toyota”, “Gazela”, truck “GAZ” 27527-314, dumper, Minivan “Citroen Xsara”, self-propelling hydraulic platforms, excavator, bulldozer, cars.

We have at our disposal rolling press for production of cold bent profiles, machine for bending of sheet iron, guillotine, lathe, press, professional aggregate for spot welding, hydraulic press, diesel aggregates, winches, stepladders (height over 8m), oven with dimensions 5000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm for dust finishing, electrostatic spraying pistol, CO2 welding aggregates, pneumatic riveting machines, column drilling machine, crimping tools, etc.

The technical equipment for building and mounting works includes all the necessary instruments and equipment – electrical welding machines, big and small grind machines, drilling machines, big and small perforators, grind machines Hilti, electrical saws type “zege”, crimping tools, etc.

We also possess various kinds of measurement devices, appliances, and apparatuses which enable us to carry out all the necessary laboratory tests and measurements in connection with the execution of erection and mounting works.

The company “Electrolux – Tabakov and Sons” Ltd is one of the few companies not only in Plovdiv but in Bulgaria which perform a closed circle of work in the sphere of electric power engineering starting from the project design through the production, building and erection to the issuing of the according technical protocols for the legalizing of the projects. We are taking steps to receive also certificate ISO 14001.

The trust of our partners and clients is a guarantee for the high quality of our work.