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Electrolux Tabakov and sons Ltd
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Mall “Hermes Park” – Sofia, Bulgaria

Multifunctional trade, entertainment and office buildings
“Electrolux Tabakov & Sons” Ltd. is one of the main contractors for the huge project. Investor is the well known French company Carrefour.
The project consists of 5 buildings on 54 000 sq. m plot, as the final meters will be
151 000 sq. m.
The buildings have three underground levels with parking places for 800 cars.
Except of the Carrefour’s hypermarket, the buildings will have also several restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas, etc.

Our company “Electrolux Tabakov and sons” Ltd. was founded in 2003 as a direct successor of the company “Nikola Tabakov Electrolux” S.E. and the main activities and scope of work is:

  • Complete engineering of power, industrial and public electric installations and projects
  • Electrical project design and assembly of installations: electric, control-measuring utilities and automation,  IT and tele-installations, security equipment
  • Building of industrial and public lighting, power and signal electric installations
  • Rehabilitation of electrical equipment, electrical mounting, electrical construction
  • Construction and rehabilitation of head lines and air cable lines 0.4-400kV
  • Start-up tests
  • Building and installation of transformer posts (concrete and metal)
  • Supply and distribution of all kind of electrical equipment and apliances
  • Measuring of safeties and legalization of ready projects
  • Electrical safety inspection – Type “C” inspection body activities

Sample ImageOur staff consists of about 400 and even more people and comprises highly qualified specialist with great practical experience in design, execution, building, as well as rehabilitation and repair of electrical substations, transformer posts, switchgears, electrical switchboards, lighting, power, motor and single installations of LV, MV and HV electrical facilities.

Sample ImageThe great experience of our specialists: high qualification and specialized education, working mostly as electrical repair specialists and fitters, makes our work be distinguished by the high quality.
We have a good cooperation with the Greek company “Aristidis Siafaras Electric Systems” S.A.
We are ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2002 certified. We also possess an accreditation certificate as control agency type “C” which is also a guarantee for the quality of the work.

Some of the basic contracts of “Electrolux Tabakov and sons” Ltd. nowadays are:

Contracts with the three distributional companies in Bulgaria:

“CEZ Bulgaria”: all kind of electric and earthwork on the territory of CEZ Bulgaria – main executor and contractor: “Electrolux Tabakov and sons”Ltd.
“EVN Bulgaria”: all kind of electric and earthwork on the territory of EVN Bulgaria – main executor and contractor: “Electrolux Tabakov and sons”Ltd.
“E.ON Bulgaria”: all kind of electric and earthwork on the territory of E.ON Bulgaria – main executor and contractor: “Electrolux Tabakov and sons”Ltd.

Numerous contracts with the National Electrical Company in Bulgaria:

“NEC” – National Electrical Company: Construction and rehabilitation of head lines and air cable lines 0.4-400kV, Construction and rehabilitation of substations owned by the NEC; All kind of works in Hydro Power Plants, Thermo Power Plants and also Nuclear Power Plants.

A lot of contracts with Private investors and other big companies for projects like:

  • Complete lighting installation – internal and external of hypermarkets, hotels, public buildings, hospitals, governmental offices, banks, petrol stations, etc.
  • Art lighting projects of hotels, restaurants, night clubs etc.
  • Garden and street lighting projects
  • Emergency lighting projects of hotels, hospitals, banks, etc.
  • Building of concrete transformer posts
  • Internal and external power supply
  • Supplying and installation of diesel and gasoline generating sets

Our partners are:
  • Aristidis Siafaras Electric Systems S.A.
  • Pikadili S.A.
  • Uncle Statis
  • OMV Bulgaria
  • Lukoil Bulgaria
  • EVN Bulgaria
  • CEZ Bulgaria
  • E.ON Bulgaia
  • NEC
  • Mobiltel
  • Globul – Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile
  • Vivatel Mobile
  • BTC – Bulgarian telecommunication company
  • TPP – Maritza East 2
  • TPP Kremikovtzi
  • Asarel Medet
  • Shishe jam
  • Ministry of the transport
  • Ministry of the defence
  • Sofia Airport
  • Plovdiv Airport
  • International Fair of Plovdiv
  • Electrostomana
  • Kamenitza s.a.

The company “Electrolux Tabakov and sons” Ltd. Is one of the few companies not only in Plovdiv, but in Bulgaria, which performs a closed circle of work in the sphere of electric power engineering, starting from the project design through the production, building and erection to the issuing of the according technical protocols for the legalizing of the projects.


The trust of our partners and clients is a guarantee for the high quality of our work.